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our mission:

FSEC is a non-profit organization that has been designed to be more than an equine rescue.  We want to make a difference in the world as a whole.  We want to offer help to all who are in need, whether two legged or four legged.  Our goal is to not only rescue equines in need, but to allow them to also help others in need thru therapy.    Domesticated horses are strong, loving, and gentle…and at the same time at the beginning of rehabilitation, scared.  Not much different than a child in need, an abused individual or someone who is disabled.  Their net worth is invaluable, however, sometimes people make them feel otherwise.  They hurt them, starve them, mistreat them, abuse and neglect them, to name a few.  This is where FSEC comes in.  We want to rescue all in need and remind them they are valuable beings that can bring wonderful things to the world.  We want to remind them they are worthy and they can be strong enough to fight back and make a difference. 



Where there are animals or people in need, we’ll be there lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word.



Give hope to those who need it most...2 Legged or 4 Legged!

New Rescues

Meet the Donkey Family.  Mom was shot and unborn baby killed.  Dad and Baby Maggie escaped injury but found themselves in equal danger.  Now they are safe!  

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Farm Updates:

​This year has started off with a lot of rescues and very expensive vet bills.

​Our very special Bella has had a rough start.  She has multiple health issues that require specific care as well as a very controlled diet.  She has had a hard time with the cold and changing weather and has had to be treated for colic multiple times since November.  She as well has poor teeth and has had to have dental surgery this week to remove more of her damaged teeth.  Bella is 30 (at least) and the issues she is facing are all normal for aging equines.  Our belief is as long as they are pain free, they live until it is their time.  Bella has a lot of life in her and has more years of a healthy life as long as we stay up to date on her health care.  This health care for Bella is going to be costly, but she is worth every penny.  She is a farm favorite and brings a lot of joy to children and adults.  Please help us in our efforts with Bella.  She is in need of sponsorship and you may do help her through our Sponsorship page above.  

​This week has also brought us 7 dog rescues.  As an equine facility, rescuing dogs is dangerous for us and the dogs as many have never seen a horse and are frightened of them.  We have to be extremely careful when rescuing dogs to make sure they or the farm animals do not get hurt.  This was an extreme case as Mom, Dad and 5 puppies were abandoned on the side of a busy road.  We were able to catch all 7 and get them to our farm.  We have successfully adopted out all five puppies and Dad.  Mom is still in need of a home.  She will be spayed and updated on all vaccines and re-homed.  If you have room in your home or heart, please contact us about adopting Mom.  She is a Basenji Mix and is a small to medium size dog.  She is friendly and very sweet, however, she is not fond of cats.  She is a smart dog and this is a trait that can be changed with someone willing to pay some attention to her.  We are guessing she lived in a cat free home.  Please contact us with any questions if you are interested.  You can use our Contact page above.

​We have also rescued a Donkey Family.  Mom, Dad and Baby Maggie.  The farm where these Donkeys were raised had a nasty neighbor.  He decided he didn't like the Donkeys and decided he would shoot them.  He successfully struck Mom.  She was pregnant and bullet struck the unborn baby killing it and nearly killing the mom.  The Dad and Baby Maggie were able to escape the shooting.  The mom fought to survive and the dad, never having being separated from the mom nearly died from separation anxiety.  Baby Maggie would not leave the dads side.  They lost a significant amount of weight.  The owner moved the donkeys to protective custody and contacted us to help.  We picked up the family and brought them to Free Spirit.  In just a few short weeks, they have put on weight, have gained trust and are doing fantastic.  Mom is still a little sensitive on her back end, but is healed and moving around nicely.  These three are inseparable and have become a part of the Free Spirit family.  Once fully recovered and up to weight, they will be up for adoption with one condition...they will be adopted as a family and will be under contract to remain a family.  We will keep you posted of their progress!


Why we Rescue

All of our rescues come to us with severe issues.  Whether, neglect, abuse or abandonment, they are in desperate need of help.  

Hay Needed

Free Spirit is in HUGE need of hay donations.  With a severe drought followed by continuous rain, we need your help.  Click below to see how you can help us.


The work on our farm is 24-7.  We are always in need of volunteers.  Whether hands on-on the farm or simply helping from home we need you!