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Thank you to everyone who came forth and supported and donated for Dreams surgery.  We not only reached our goal, but surpassed it.  Once Dream comes through surgery, she will have months of rehab.  She will receive all of the care she needs and we will work very hard to make sure she has the best of everything she needs.  If you would like to continue to support her, you can sponsor her each month.  For as little as $25 per month you can be a sponsor for her rehab.  We will keep you updated on all of her recovery and rehabilitation and will send you a certificate of sponsorship.  Please click the link below if you would like to sponsor Dream.  Thank you to everyone who as joined the #DreamTeam

Dream is HOME!

​It was a long surgery and it will be a longer recovery...but... Dream is home and on her way to her happily ever after.   She was a little unsettled on arrival, but that was to be expected,  It didn't take her long to settle in and once she did she became quite popular with visitors and the other animals. 

​Dream is a very big horse with an even bigger personality.  She requires a lot of attention.  At two years old, she becomes bored very easily and we have had a time with her cribbing on the stall.  She is finally doing better.   She has a nipping problem as well that we have had to be very careful with.  There are a couple reasons for her cribbing and nipping such as age and boredom.  We spend time with her each day grooming, petting and adding enrichment for her in her stall.  For the first three weeks she has had to stay in a smaller stall, as moving around to much would cause damage to her surgery site.  This is her fourth week and now she is allowed to spend time in our large stall for a little while each day.  This stall allows her coverage in the barn, but also an outside area where she can take in the beautiful Florida sunshine.  This also gives us a chance to clean her stall, add enrichment, wash her buckets, load her up on hay, etc.  

​For the next week, she will remain in her hard full leg cast.  From that point, if all looks good, she will be allowed a soft full cast that will give her some room for movement.  At this point she will be allowed more time during the day in the "big stall".  We have noticed this week that her nipping has decreased with her being allowed a change of scenery...we will keep you updated on that!

​​​As for now, we still need your help.  Saving Dream was a very large expense and those expenses have climbed above our budget limit.  Her surgery and care from the medical center was $2800 over budget.  We chose to allow for this overage because we wanted the best possible care for this young horse.  And we wanted her to have the end result chance of a full recovery.  As of now she is on the path to making a full recovery and we couldn't be more proud!  The medical center is allowing us the time to raise the additional $2800 because they too wanted to see Dream have only the best care.  If you are able to make a donation, 100% of those proceeds will go directly to the medical center to cover the remainder of her costs.  Dream will also need monthly sponsors to cover her additional vet care, farrier care, feed and hay for the next four months.  Sponsorships can be in any amount, and you can set up a recurring payment right on Paypal.  You have the right to cancel at anytime.  All monthly sponsorships of $25.00 or more will receive a free #DreamTeam t-shirt, a certificate of sponsorship and unlimited updates.  You will also receive free tickets to any of our onsite events to meet Dream. 

​Thank you so much for all who are a part of saving Dream! 


Free Spirit Equestrian Center & Rescue, Inc.  Plant City, Florida  ~ 239-898-0601