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Elizar came to us through Polk County Animal Control.  Elizar was in a herd of horse that had been abandoned on deserted property with multiple horses and left to starve to death. read that correctly!  Elizar had been beaten in the face with what was believe to be a metal pipe breaking his nose.  They had left the halter on him and it embedded into his face.  This was extremely painful for him to have to endure along with removing the halter as his skin grew over it attaching it into his face.  It is "guesstimated" that this group of horses had been abandoned for 6 to 8 months before being found.  Many died from starvation but lucky for him he was stuck in a pasture that offered enough grass to keep him alive.  When he came to use he was completely untrusting.  But it didn't take him long to feel the zen of our farm and he came around within a couple of days.  He is beautiful and majestic.  He has learned to trust again and is in his final days or training.  Elizar was immediately loved by one of our volunteers and she has leased him.  After his training is complete, Aly and her family will have the opportunity to officially adopt him and give him his forever home.  Elizar is an Arabian/Quarter Horse Cross.

Bella was an owner surrender from a couple in Central Florida.  Unfortunately due to severe financial difficulty they had to give her up.  She was obese and came to us with health issues.  She has cushions disease and is as well anemic.  Bella is the real boss on the farm and she likes it that way.  She is extremely gentle and loves everyone.  She came to us with her best friend Charlotte who passed away.  Bella fell into a depression when her BFF passed away and we came close to losing her too.  She called for her friend day and night for months.  She refused to eat and lost a significant amount of weight.  We spent countless hours with her letting her know she was not alone.  After months of rehab she started coming back around to normal.  She put her weight back on and had decided to fight.  She is loved by everyone who meets her.  She works well with children and adults with mental and physical disabilities.  We adore Bella.  Bella is a sanctuary equine at Free Spirit and will live the rest of her life in paradise.  Bella is an Argentine Thoroughbred.

Our Rescues

Blaze was a huge challenge for us.  He is as well an owner surrender.  His owner had decided to euthanize him due to coffin bone rotation, laminitis and severe hoof deterioration.  His owner couldn't keep up with the amount of treatment that Blaze would need.  He asked us to please help.  We knew his battle was going to be rough and at only 11 years old we would most likely have to make a decision on quality of life that would be heartbreaking.  We fought hard for Blaze.  We treated him three times a day, had him on stall rest, as he could not even walk, and prayed really hard.  Within a couple of months of consistant treatment and many of dollars spent on farrier care, he started showing signs of improvement.  He is the perfect example of "NEVER give up".  It took time, but today Blaze is 100% healthy. He will need to be monitored and have a controlled diet to keep him healthy but we can certainly handle that!  Everyone who meets Blaze argues (in a nice way) over who he belongs to.  He is a horse that would sit in your lap if he could.  Blaze will remain at Free Spirit as a sanctuary horse.  Couldn't imagine life without this guy!  Blaze is a Rocky Mountain.

Kenna came to us as an owner surrender due to the owners moving away.  She came with her mini BFF Joplin.  Kenna has lived her life as a children's horse.  She is not only beautiful, she is gentle and sweet.  Kenna loves attention and is extremely verbal.  She likes to tell us when its time to eat.  She settled in the quickest of any horse.  Minutes of arriving at Free Spirit she acted as though she had been there for years.  She is easy going, loves to be groomed and will carry on an entire conversation with you for a treat. She had some issues with her hooves but our farrier has done an amazing job with her and she is doing much better.  Kenna is a favorite among our volunteers and is a joy to have on the farm.  Kenna is a Arabian/Quarter Horse Cross.  

Our Sanctuary Rescues

Georgie is the life of the farm.  This little guy is only three and oh the toddler stage is so much fun!  Georgie was one of the horses abandoned with Elizar.  He wasn't quite as lucky to end up in a field with grass.  His field had weeds and that is what he lived on.  He was very thin and full of parasites.  He also had a hard life even before he had been abandoned as well.  Georgie has had two previous owners and we are his third rescue.  We couldn't figure out why or how this sweet little guy had it so rough in just three short years.  I think we have figured it out.  This little 14.2 hand horse can clear a fence.  Instead of putting that talent to use, they passed him on from home to home and rescue to rescue.  He has made us work harder than any horse on our farm because we have had to raise EVERY fence.  He doesn't jump to get away, he jumps to get to the barn to spend time with his human herd.  Georgie LOVES people and he wants to be close to people as much as possible.  Georgie has made a full recovery and is going through his final stages of training. He is loved by everyone who meets him.  He is our farm clown, if you will.  This was the only picture we have of Georgie that he isn't making a funny face.  We adore this little trouble maker. Georgie is a Quarter Horse.

Apollo was a BLM roundup Mustang from Nevada.  He had been transported to three auctions and no one seemed to be interested in him.  When we found him at his last chance auction he was available for anyone to purchase for only $25.00.  This opened him up to be sold to a kill buyer.  And there were plenty there!  We rushed to the bidding table and purchased him immediately.  He was the last horse in the "third strike pen" at the auction and everyone said he was to plain so they passed him up.  Well lucky for us they did because WE LOVE HIM!  He is living the dream life at Free Spirit and has done amazing.  We have given him all the time he needed to feel comfortable as a domesticated horse.  Being ripped apart from the only herd family he had ever know was very hard on him.  He was angry, sacred and extremely sad.  We changed that for him and he is our herd alpha now.  He is gentle and sweet and LOVES everyone....especially children. Apollo is a sanctuary equine at Free Spirit and will live out his life with his new herd family. Apollo is an American Mustang.