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Bonnie Raitt - Bonnie is the sweetest little being on the planet.  She is a mini pony and is only 27 inches tall.  She is full of life and spirit and loves people.  She is a favorite among many of our guests.  She loves to be groomed and loves her treats.  Bonnie came to us from a pony farm where the owner had past away.  The elderly husband tried his best to keep up with the pony farm, but found it to difficult.  We were able to rescue 3 of those ponies.  We knew from the very moment we met her, she was going to be perfect for bringing joy to the lives of others.  Bonnie will greet you every morning and multiple times through out the day just to say hello...of course she also knows that melting our hearts brings out the treats...she is very smart. 

Free Spirit's Therapy Ponies...In Training...

Janice Joplin - Joplin came to us as an owner surrender with her full size pony pal Kenna.  Joplin has absolutely no idea she is a "mini" anything.  She loves the big  horses and follows them everywhere.  She has the sweetest demeanor, and loves people.  Even though Joplin is 21 years old, you would NEVER know it.  She will always be the little face sticking through the barn gate looking for your attention.  Joplin is a mini horse and is only 29 inches tall.